BAM Roller Lifters Technical Information

BAM Roller Lifters was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing the highest quality lifters directly to the engine builder. Each lifter is 100% Made In the USA and is meticulously assembled by hand with the highest degree of accuracy. In 2023 BAM teamed up with SRI Performance to provide a more efficient distribution process and a better end user experience.

BAM roller lifters feature a 4-column design for ultimate strength and rigidity while minimizing mass. Deep roller bearing pocket provides maximum roller bearing skirting, maximizing rigidity and thrust surface area with smooth rounded edges that minimize lifter bore wear.


  • Triple Alloy Steel Billet Lifter Bodies machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment.
  • Machined with "One-and-Done" concept for ultimate relational accuracy of all part features.
  • Superior 3D CNC-programming removes sharp edges that scrape and damage lifter bores.
  • Heat Treated for maximum strength, hardness and straightness in ISO certified furnaces.
  • Precision Ground Bodies for proper fitment in aftermarket and stock lifter bores.
  • Link Bars made of hardened, high strength and high ductility Nickel-Chromium Alloy Steel.
  • The fully hardened alloy steel button is secured with a non-removable, high strength, fatigue-resistant rivet.
  • Premium Alloy Steel Needle Roller Bearings feature crowned outer rings, micro-polished and micro-sorted roller needles, hardened and nitrided bearing steel axles.
  • Bushing Bearing Upgrades - Copper Alloy (BB4) and Steel/DLC (BB1) upgrades available.
  • Pressure-Fed Oiling provides continuous oil to the axle and roller bearing.
  • Additional Reliefs on each interior side of the roller slot allow engine oil from the cam lobe face to lubricate the needle rollers.
  • Edge Orifice Design Push Rod Oiling won't clog and rob upper valve train of engine oil. This feature can be modified to increase oil flow to the top.
  • Custom Modifications Available